Our Services

The following are our services we offer here in Redwood Family Dentists.
Dental Bridges
If teeth have been lost, the replacement options include implants, fixed bridges and dentures.
Intravenous Sedation
We offer a modern technique of sedation which takes the fear out of dentistry and makes dental treatment a pleasant experience.
Root canal treatment
If the nerves and blood vessels of a tooth have been irreparably damaged, rather than extracting the tooth, a dentist may attempt to save it by undertaking root canal treatment.
Teeth whitening
Introducing “Zoom! Advanced Power” teeth whitening. We can now provide a simple, conservative, inexpensive and easy procedure to whiten your teeth. Another popular option is the take-home whitening tray kit.
Porcelain veneers
A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front of a tooth – similar to  a false fingernail.
Dental crowns
If a tooth is severely decayed, broken or brittle due to root canal treatment, then a dentist may suggest that a crown be placed on the tooth. This should be a painless procedure that takes two or three visits.
White fillings
Composite fillings utilise a soft white plastic substance which sets hard upon exposure to a concentrated light source. The result is a white filling that has strength, resilience and a wonderful aesthetic look.
Dental implants
Dental implants are used when a tooth has been lost or is missing. It provides an artificial tooth that looks amazingly natural and feels secure
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